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Smart Luggage Tag

Smart Luggage Tag ST03 Waiting for checked luggage? Get an instant notification when it arrives at baggage carousel

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5 YEARS Battery Life

How many years do you keep a luggage? There is no need to change battery or renewing the device for 5 years!

Super Long Connection Range

Up to 50 m/164 ft Connection Range
Longer than most bluetooth trackers on the market!

Loud Sound

Airport is noisy, this is why we made the sound of our smart luggage tag very loud!

Item Ringer

Can't find your keys? Ring it from your phone – no more hiding under pillows! Finding keys has never been easier.

Phone Finder

Have hard time finding your misplaced iPhone? Press the button on smart luggage tag, your phone will start ringing LOUDLY till you find it, even if the phone is under a pile of clothes, in silent mode or has headset plugged in.

Last Seen Location

Left things behind? The SwiftFinder app automatically remember the location where it saw your missed things before they are left behind.

Separation Alert

The SwiftFinder app will alert you when your luggage is left behind.

Crowd GPS

Lost your luggage on the other side of the earth? SwiftFinder's global tracking network will help you find it.

Multi-Device Management

One app to rule them ALL!
There is no need to install different apps for different devices and object. The SwiftFinder app can manage them in one place.

Powered by SwiftFinder



1.1 oz / 31 g

Battery life

Up to 5 years

Battery type

Unreplaceable CR2032


Bluetooth LE/ Bluetooth 4

Bluetooth range

Up to 50 m/164 ft

App Compatibility

iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or newer, Android phones or tablets with BLE and Android 4.4 or newer

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